I am interested in accelerating my website using memcache. Now presently I've got a mysql table with posts for any key and current email address, customers sign in utilizing their key and that i query the database to see if the simple truth is. The e-mail can be used incase they forget their key and wish it resending.

Now, clearly each record is extremely small (about 19B I believe). Do you consider it might be smart to preload all (Say, a million records) the records into Memcached and just use Mysql to keep a lasting record?

Memcached will probably be a brief term caching solution handle key=value pairs. When you could, theoretically, apply it something similar to this, it is not the intended use for this and honestly I do not think you actually gain anything for this.

Usually the best factor to make use of Memcached for is pursuits like dynamically produced content that you would like to help keep consistent along a session and accessible from multiple servers (As an load balanced atmosphere.

If you work with just 1 server, then Memcached will not prove helpful. Also, when alloted memory for memcached can be used completely, then memcached would overwrite the the final key. (LIFO). Storing user information in Memcache will not be ideal