What are the software programs readily available for hosting Mercurial databases by myself server, aside from the fundamental script that accompany it?

I have viewed the PublishingRepositories wiki page at Mercurial, and also the only viable alternative for the reason that list may be the hgwebdir script, which I have setup, but it is rather fundamental.

Does anybody make smarter website software for Mercurial hosting?

You need to have a look at hg-application, which aims to become a hgweb alternative. It's still under development, but their demo shows that it's already very functional.

There's other ways to write mercurial databases as pointed out within the link you provided, but hgwebdir is in order to that supports multiple repos.

with hgwebdir.fcgi, you should use fastcgi and apache or nginx.

This is often helpful for posting multiple repos using web server.

code.google.com supports Mercurial.