I want outside assistance on using two open sources scripts for any small project.

The very first script is object orientated code, and I'll prefer to determine if it is a good approach or must i hire somebody to merge both, means replace the look hosting purpose of one using the second script.

I can not figure this out as I am not really a coder yet.


Look for a programmer.

Everything doesn't just like magic work, a great idea is somebody who knows what must be done.

You cannot just "merge" two separated code fragments/projects into a single without programming experience. Evaluate the 2 scripts an discover using it. You'll be able to think about an interaction between your two scripts. Whether it's clean object oriented code its usually no large deal.

Usually you do not merge scripts. Make use of a script for any purpose and employ another script for an additional purpose. Keeping the exterior scripts apart also allows you to definitely update them without (hopfully) breaking the application.