Am needed to integrate the Facebook comments on the wordpress blog... You will find no issues there ( went a couple of tests in your area and everything switched out okay ). The issue seems when I am requested to help keep the present Wordpress comments, but underneath the facebook layout. Essentially the customer does not wish to lose the present comments, however in the same time frame I can not keep your wordpress comments either. Everything needs to be faceook...

Any ideas? Any suggestions? Is possible whatsoever ( I 'googled' everything associated with this, but there is no answer ).

P.S.: how did Techcrunch manage to get this done ( or they stored your comments ought to using their facebook page? )?


There's a wordpress plugin known as Wordpress-Facebook Comments

It's working fine, read my knowledge about it on my small blog (presently switched to some multiple-sources authentication wordpress plugin rather as my Facebook page did not remove...)

The wordpress plugin Facebook Comments for WordPress does what you're searching for :

  • customers can publish using their Facebook account (and mix-publish on their own wall)

  • customers can publish with standard Wordpress comments

  • comments from both sources are incorporated

  • and lots of awesome features the Facebook comments wordpress plugin miss (chronological order, email notification, mix-publish all comments to some user page, etc.)