is anybody know a method to monitor an internet site (look for specific content, response time, response status code), and have a screenshot from the "monitor ressource" website (for instance on opera).

On failure, the screenshot is saved, shipped, etc...

I understand how to consider screenshot of the website, I understand how to watch website, but I'm not sure how to get it done simultaneously.

Is anybody already attempt to perform the same factor ??

Interesting help!

This really is all that's necessary:

Are you currently searching for a located solution? AlertFox provides this particular service: http://world wide

They will use iMacros around the after sales, which you'll also run yourself in your area:

Obtain the free iMacros for Opera addon, start it via its command line, and employ the save web page screenshot feature.

iMacros is comparable to Selenium, but more for general web automation with a pleasant GUI in a number of browsers.