Could someone advise a shared SQL Server solution that supports DTS packages?

Update: I had been wishing to make use of the PostgreSQL ODBC driver along with a DTS package to maintain data synchronized between MSSQL server and Postgres. After you have my on the job SQL Server 2005 and trying to get this done I recognized SSIS does not appear to experience nicely using the PostgreSQL ODBC driver.

I threw in the towel about the SSIS/DTS solution and also have written a course using JDBC which runs happily on my small Linux server.

I'm not conscious of any hosting services that offer DTS or SSIS like a feature. However, if what you're attempting to achieve by utilizing DTS/SSIS is a method to do your personal backup copies/data transfers then I recommend you consider the Microsoft SQL Server Database Posting Services. Go Dad supports it.

I have tried personally Edgewebhosting before and used DTS packages for pushing data to sites. I've no affiliation together, it labored well to do the job.