I wish to understand how the information Center migration happens in Cloud .

We're supplying software as service(web application) that is located in data ceneter in United kingdom.

Now we would like also deploy our application and database in US data center.

Generally migration of dataCenter is pricey process we have to create a copy of whole database and want to synchroze the 2 databases ..the way the same factor implement in cloud

Yet another doubt about Cloud Computing ..suppose I've got a role A whose one instance is running in US and the other in United kingdom .Just in case Cloud how's this happening the asking for coming close to US would go to US server together with for United kingdom server and just how the most popular database is maintained for that instance Is that they are discussing common database . Otherwise the alteration occur at one how reflected towards the other DB running at other location ...

Because it is highly recommend getting your DB and Application servers on a single network how this factor accomplished in Cloud as you instance is running at one place and the other instance at other place ..