I've got a MySQL user known as dump using the following perms:

GRANT SELECT, LOCK TABLES ON `mysql`.* TO 'dump'@'%'
GRANT SELECT, LOCK TABLES ON `myschema`.* TO 'dump'@'%'

I wish to dump all data (incorporated triggers and methods) while using dump user. I call mysqldump within the following way:

mysqldump -u dump -p --routines --triggers --quote-names --opt \
    --add-drop-database --databases myschema > myschema.sql

Things are Comfortable with the left file aside from the triggers, they're missing!!

The triggers are left properly basically try mysqldump with root MySQL user:

mysqldump -u root -p --routines --triggers --quote-names --opt \
    --add-drop-database --databases myschema > myschema.sql

So, I suppose it's a perms problem... do you know the extra grants or loans my dump MySQL user needs for doing the entire dump properly?

I discovered the additional GRANT I desired!!

  GRANT TRIGGERS ON `myschema`.* TO 'dump'@'%'

Here you will find the reference around the official doc: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/privileges-provided.html#priv_trigger