I must produce a database for MTG cards I own. What can the look be? I must keep following details about each card:

1. Name of card.
2. Set the card belongs to.
3. Condition of card.
4. Price it sold for.
5. Price I bought it for.

This is a little information on MTG cards generally:

1. Every card has a name. 
2. Every card belongs to a set.
3. A card may have a foil version of itself. 
4. Card name, set it belongs to, and whether it's foil or not makes it unique. 
5. A card may be in multiple sets.
6. A set has multiple cards. 

The gimmick is the fact that during my collection I might have several copies of the identical card however with different conditions, or bought cost, or offered cost might be different.

I'll have another assortment of mtg cards which have been offered on eBay. This collection may have the cost/condition/date/whether or not this would be a "Purchase It Now" or Bid, etc.

The concept would be to discover what cost I ought to sell my cards in line with the eBay collection.