Can there be any Mix-browser bookmark/increase faves javascript.

Looked for many list but none of them is working. Are you able to please suggest any ?

jQuery Version

JavaScript (modified from the script I discovered on someone's site - I simply aren't able to find the website again, and so i can't provide the person credit):

<script type="text/javascript">

  $(document).ready(function() Opera Bookmark


       else if(window.exterior) exterior.AddFavorite(location.href,document.title) 

      else if(window.opera &lifier&lifier window.print) 



<a id="bookmarkme" href="#" rel="sidebar" title="bookmark this siteInch>Bookmark This Site</a>

IE can have a mistake if you do not run them back a server (it does not allow JavaScript bookmarks via JavaScript when viewing it as being a file://....

Should you prefer a more complete script, you could purchase one out of this page (no, I am not associated with that website... LOL).

I am thinking no. Bookmarks/faves ought to be underneath the charge of the consumer, let's suppose any web site you visited could place itself to your bookmarks with only some javascript.

What about utilizing a drop-in solution like ShareThis or AddThis? They've similar functionality, therefore it is quite possible they previously reduced the problem.

AddThis's code includes a huge if/else browser version fork to save faves, though, with many branches ending in compelling the consumer to by hand add the favourite themselves, and so i am convinced that no such pure JavaScript implementation is available.

Otherwise, should you only have to support IE and Opera, you've IE's window.externalAddFavorite( ) and Mozilla's window.sidebar.addPanel( ).

I simply examined this script in:


  • IE 6., IE 7., IE 8.
  • Opera 2., Opera 3.6.3
  • Safari 3.1.2, Safari 3.2.3
  • Opera 9.00
  • Google Chrome 8.


  • Opera 3.6.13
  • Safari 5..1
  • Opera 11.
  • Google Chrome 8.
function bookmark(title, url) exterior.AddFavorite(url, title)


    else if(window.sidebar) opera

        window.sidebar.addPanel(title, url, "")


    else if(window.opera &lifier&lifier window.print) 

I made use of this &lifier is effective in IE, FF, Netscape. Chrome, Opera and safari don't support it!