I have done a relatively good research now on HTML5, however i am quit wondering an amount be my best guess to implement local data storage that's truly mix-platform (i.e., operates on important mobile platforms + possibly on desktop), and may be easily queried?

I would like an HTML5 web application (to achieve all mobile/(desktop) platforms, as well as for its independence of 3rd party frameworks/libraries), but using local/offline storage to imitate performance of native programs (and don't always require connectivity). It produces/alters/handles certain records for any user (up to a few hundred records each year). Aside from data storage, because the application does not need every other accessibility device, I believe HTML5 will be a wise decision.

Some needs around the data I wish to store:

  • the very best format could be some lightweight database like SQLite (because of performance reasons, and a chance to update single records without needing to write an entire file (as with the situation of XML))
    • disadvantage: I do not use whatever technology available across all platforms WebSQL is deprecated, and IndexedDB isn't obtainable in a lot of browsers yet
  • the information records will be easily exportable/downloadable in XML format (to ensure that the consumer can seeOralter it by himself)
    • therefore, XML could be a great way to go I suppose the datasize to become reasonably low with this option 2 concerns though:
    • disadvantage 1: I require a query-language that enables me to simply choose/sort/alter specific records (sthg like XQuery, but available in most browsers and running in your area around the client)
    • disadvantage 2: so far as I've come across, HTML5 FileWriterAPI support is nowhere near mature - therefore, wouldso would I have the ability to alter/save the XML data in your area around the client? (ok, I've come across good examples in which the whole XML file is saved like a single key/value pair in local storage but disadvantage 1 would still apply...)

What options have i got? Is HTML5 mature enough to complete things i am desiring?

Otherwise, what options would meet my needs? Handful of loose ideas: some 3rd party libraries (JQuery(?), JSON(?) or mix-platform frameworks (a la Phonegap - that we desired to avoid to begin with, because of their restrictions), or apply certain server-side storage (that's synced with local storage)?

I have no idea what restrictions of Phonegap are you currently speaking about, I recommend the application must be a hybrid one. Based on you needs, you should utilize native SQLite in various os's. For your you should utilize Phonegap, where one can write your personal wordpress plugin, by which javascript behave as the interface and also the implementation is within native code.

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Thanks Gaurav Gupta Paxcel