I have got an issue that appears relatively straightforward but I'm not sure exactly ways to get mod_rewrite and .htaccess some thing generate an income would like them to. To begin with, I've got a Wordpress install within the /webroot directory of my CakePHP application (within the subfolder "blog"). That actually works fine, as with, I'm able to access:


Since I'd like wordpress to energy a couple of static pages on my small site, I'd like a few of these Wordpress pages to possess "root" level Web addresses, e.g.
site.com/about (which may really function as the Wordpress page /blog/about)

Basically have permalinks switched off on my small Wordpress site (i.e. the .htaccess file in /webroot/blog is empty), than the works pretty much. During my /application .htaccess file, I personally use:

RewriteRule ^about /blog/index.php?page_id=2 [NC,L]

I Quickly can turn to site.com/about and delay pills work. But, I would rather use "pretty permalinks" during my Wordpress site, to ensure that once you're able to the Wordpress site and you are clicking around, the hyperlinks don't seem like "index.php?page_id=...". However , basically turn permalinks on, after i visit site.com/about it'll redirect (i.e. change my address bar) to site.com/blog/about that we don't want. Basically rather use:

RewriteRule ^about /blog/about [NC,L]

It will take me to my Wordpress site, however with a 404 page not found. I am speculating all of this has something related to the truth that my rewrite rule is pointing to Wordpress, which in turn is applicable its very own rewrite rules.

So, the end result is which i would basically prefer to "hardcode" particular Web addresses like site.com/about and also have them be connected to Wordpress pages, while protecting the hardcoded URL within the address bar.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Use: RewriteRule ^about /blog/about [NC]