I'm attempting to give a product which requires form fields...however, by creating the characteristics that dropdown, then custom characteristics, it shows this way, Drop lower first, Custom Second. It is possible to way to produce a mixture of custom, then drop lower, then custom? See current site:

world wide web.MSLawMart.com Choose Legal Forms -> No-fault Divorce...you will see what I am saying.

Thanks, Aaron

the file that handles handles the rendering from the product particulars page &lifier form is:


it will so such as this:

  $addtocart = "<div>
    <form action=\"". $mm_action_url."index.php\" method=\"post\" name=\"addtocart\" id=\"addtocart\">"
          // added for the advanced attribute modification
          // end added for advanced attribute modification
          // end added for custom attribute modification

so you should perform some customisation/fine-tuning within the individuals list_*_attribute() functions to ensure they are render the tables/rows in a different way. you will find them in


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