Is anybody developing application integrated with Mediawiki - using Django or any other Python web design platforms using mod_wsgi?

Could be very interested to discover what's been completed in this direction and perhaps there's some code readily available for re-use. (I have began creating wiki extensions dealing with MW database in python whose output is injected via Apache's include virtual directive. it really works ok, but a little slow to date - maybe I'm able to optimize it though)

Essentially I must have song of displayed wiki pages bring along python.

Has anybody produced common MW skins in python templates?

edit: found this nice video showing how PyCon site does exactly that (avoid MW though) - using custom template loader


You will find a wide variety of ways to get this done.

  • You may make a mediawiki skin that utilizes iframes and card inserts things from the Python server.
  • You are able to write a python application that accesses mediawikis data in some way and results it.
  • Place the a Python server in-front that extracts this content from mediawiki and put's it right into a page that's otherwise produced from Python.
  • You should use deliverence to skin mediawiki, and employ it's pyref functionality to call pythonscripts and place that in to the skin (I believe, I've not done that myself).

Which way is the best for you completely is dependent.

Can't you utilize Mediawiki HTTP based API? Loose coupling is excellent.