I’ve searched the web via Google and may not find if you'll be able to host ASP .Internet and Ruby on Rails on a single server!

Are you aware if it's possible?

Otherwise, would I have the ability to do that?

world wide web.abc.com – redirects to Page A (located on Ruby on Rails server)

jobs.abc.com OR world wide web.abc.com/jobs - redirects user to Page B (located on ASP .Internet server)

So in the user perspective, they’re both underneath the same domain title and appearance seamless? So possibly jobs.abc.com points to another Ip.

Has anybody carried this out before?

Thanks all.

Yes, exactly the same physical computer can host RoR and ASP.Internet simultaneously.

To merge two applications on separate platforms making them appear as you seamless site is a touch tougher. One not so good option is by using IFRAMEs to render one site (B) inside another's (A) pages, permitting the very best-level Hyperlink to still show A's domain, etc.

It may sound like discovering much more about the problem you are attempting to resolve will be a wise decision, as heading down this road will probably produce a mess later on, and really should be prevented if whatsoever possible.

You may also use sub-domain names as if you recommended, to ensure that the domains offer a similar experience although not the identical.

You must also consider how you can share authentication, etc., across sites.

You will not look for a host that supports both I suppose.

I am considering such like. Appears a Home windows VPS hosting is what you want, after which I'm able to install Ruby to IIS as FastCGI filter, as well as have another server alongside however i pricier this to operate perfectly when both servers will have to pay attention to port 80 (possible I suppose, but most likely troubling).

BTW, for that jobs.abc.com scenario you do not need the 2 applications on a single server. You could have them on two servers and manage the main difference via DNS.