I have to mix day, month and year in PHP to be able to place it to MySQL database. How I'll mix your day, the month and also the year? I am selecting the date from the drop lower menu.

MySQL needs the date within this format: yyyy-mm-dd, so if you're using seprate drop downs for day, month and year you are able to cocatenate them like so:

$date = $_POST['year'] . '-' . $_POST['month'] . '-' . $_POST['day'];

In case your form's technique is 'get' rather than 'post', then substitute $_Publish with $_Enter the code. Also make certain the worthiness is placed properly for several days 1 to 9 as 01 to 09 and also you make use of a two digit value - exactly the same for month. I.e.

<select name="month">
   <option value="01">1</option>

When the drop-downs have number values, you can easily use regular date adding functions.