I am going to release some software as free. It uses Lucene (Apache license) and jopt simple (Durch license). What are the constraints around the license that I will affect my very own software?

Particularly, it's an adaptation of Lucene for carrying out content-based explore audio (so, many courses are inherited as well as in one situation replicated after some modification). It just uses jopt feasible for handling command line arguments (i.e. no modification whatsoever, just "import" and "new OptionParser...").

Interesting help

Nicola Montecchio

Well, coping with jopt is simple. The Durch license is 'permissive' - like the BSD licence. The Program Freedom Law Center includes a useful document also it seems like your utilization of jopt is included by section 2.1:

The easiest situation of notice upkeep is unmodified incorporation of the permissive-licensed file from an exterior project right into a GPL’d project without making changes towards the code within the file itself. Here the developer should simply leave the file with all of notices intact...

And also the same rule is applicable to whatever licence you decide to use. So no constraint from that finish.

The Apache license can also be permissive, so because you code features a modified version of Lucene also does not constrain the selection of licence. You can licence the entire application underneath the GPL or actually have a commercial licence. One factor you might want to consider is the potential of your changes to Lucene being merged back upstream. If you would like this to become a possible you will need to licence your changes underneath the Apache licence - you might want to duel licence individuals modifications. The hyperlink above should help.

Any area of the work that's your personal original work could be licensed any way you like, including derived parts such as the replicated and modified classes. Neither the Apache license nor the Durch license are "copyleft" (copyleft licenses such as the GPL would require derivative activly works to be licensed within the same license).

However, you need to include original licenses and copyright claims for jopt and lucene. Just make certain it's obvious where all of the code originated from and which part is to which license -- e.g. apache for lucene, Durch for jopt. It is good form to place comments in replicated classes showing where these were replicated from.

Fortunately, for Apache and Durch licenses, these things are pretty easy.