Let me implement mod_rewrite to place my website into maintance. Essentially all insolvency practitioners except a few we specify could be submitted to some static html page.

Please can someone assist with this rule. Also it is possible to method to turn this off and on easily without editting the htaccess file?

Thanks, Josh

You should use the REMOTE_ADDR variable inside a RewriteCond

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^10\.0\.1\.1$
RewriteRule ^ /maintenance.html

Just alter the condition to complement the Insolvency practitioners you would like, in excess of one you should use ^(ip1ip2...ipn)$.

Concerning how to disable the constant maintenance mode without altering the .htaccess file I believe that isn't possible lacking writing a course that will remove it or else modify it, a simple one is always to relabel it.

you can enable this condition and disable it via some admin interface that's in a position to email .htaccess (e.g. permissions set to 755 or 777). it might just always discover the .htaccess, place individuals two lines at the start as well as on crippling maintenance it might remove individuals two lines, departing the relaxation from the file untouched