I want a simple (for another person I am sure) mod_rewrite rule that enables departing from the .php extension around the url. So for instance

http://example.com/page shows content at http://example.com/page.php


http://example.com/folder/page shows content at http://example.com/folder/page.php

What are the rewrite ninjas available who may have heard this off the top their mind?

It is always good if questions could stay the identical too. so:

http://example.com/page?this=that` shows content at `http://example.com/page.php?this=that

Hurray for misusing mod_rewrite. Perhaps you have attempted Options MultiViews rather?

Something similar to this will redirect /page to /page.php, etc

RewriteRule ^([^\.]+)$ $1.php [L,NC]