I'm using Mod_Rewrite to rewrite (internal) some old pages to new pages on my small site.

This works:

RewriteRule ^thispage\.html$ thatpage.html 

However , the page changes towards the new page (this really is good!), but doesn't alter the (URL) title from "thispage" to "thatpage" therefore the user will get suggested towards the new address. Apache (2.x) states to position a [R] following the above script, i.e.,

RewriteRule ^thispage\.html$ thatpage.html [R]

This allegedly allows the consumer realize it is transformed and transmits these to the brand new page.

After I add the [R], I recieve a 500 error. The server is definitely an Apache/1.3.33.

I'm convinced that the only method to pressure the server to exhibit the brand new url is by using a redirect rather on rewrite. Any ideas?

Any assistance is sincerely appreciated!

Perhaps you have attempted this?

RewriteRule ^thispage.html$ thatpage.html [R=301,L]

Alternatively, a Redirect could be simpler around the server than the usual Rewrite...

Redirect 301 thispage.html http://yourDomain.com/thatpage.html