proxy? proxy_http? what else? After I include all the available modules, rewrite works, but I am getting a difficult time determining which of them are really making the main difference. I simply discovered this today and I am unsure of the way it all works, if you require more information than that, tell me.


mod_rewrite by itself doesn't have any direct dependencies. You will find a couple of directives that can delegate try to other modules (like RewriteRule .... [P], which utilizes mod_proxy to complete the request) thus needing additional modules.

To possess mod_rewrite working, first, you need to switch it on. in httpd.conf uncomment this: LoadModule rewrite_module libexec/ and restart Apache.

If you are using .htaccess to handle the mod_rewrite, you will want to activate that a lot. and hang AllowOverride.


and and

vhost_alias was one. appears to operate now.