I have to send all demands for that directory home/alphauser to after sales/alphauser, although not demands to files within the home/alphauser directory. For instance:

http://home/alphauser            ->   http://after sales/alphauser

http://home/alphauser/           ->   http://after sales/alphauser

http://home/alphauser/icon.png   ->   http://home/alphauser/icon.png

http://home/alphauser/index.html ->   http://home/alphauser/index.html

I produced an ".htaccess" file in your homeOralphauser/ directory using the following:

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^$ http://after sales/alphauser [P]

mod_rewrite enables for use of files within the home/alphauser/ directory not surprisingly, however when your directory is asked for either without or with the slash:



..the browser (opera) presents personal files download popup that states:

You've selected to spread out personal files which

is really a: httpd/unix-directory

The items in the file may be the proper html from after sales/alphauser (the url pattern to some JSP) therefore the payload came back is correct. It appears as if apache is delivering back this strange mime kind of "httpd/unix-directory"



this appears to become strange in my experience

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^$ http://backend/alphauser [P]

the standard expression you've made essentially match anything fair enougth but it wouldn't pass the URI towards the after sales.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^/alphauser/$ http://backend/alphauser [P]


RewriteRule ^/$ http://backend/alphauser [P]

I'm not one hundred percent sure how mod_rewrite behave inside a .htaccess file

This could make much sense it my estimation, also you need to make certain you've mod_proxy and mod_proxy_http enabled or it will not work.

It works out the issue had nothing related to mod_rewrite. My after sales wasn't delivering a ContentType header whatsoever. After I place it to populate the ContentType as text/html everything labored.