Im trying to get this done kind of rewrite that only affects some web addresses to ensure they are visit anchors.

Therefore if I check this out request:


I wish to change it for this request. I'm able to guarantee there won't be any slash following the trigger. The "something" part will probably be a alpha-number string each time. The "trigger" part can also be alpha-number only, however i have multiple values for trigger. The "result" part is really a constant alpha-number string which will never change.


and also the trigger could be maybe four to five different strings, however the result will be exactly the same. And So I attempted this:

RewriteRule ^/somedir/(type1|type2|type3|type4)/(.*)$ /somedir/result#$2

i figured $1 will be the types catches, and $2 to become the one thing i wish to find and stick in the finish. This does not work though, and when anybody understands how to do that right that will assist me

Once again to operate. The hash isn't area of the HTTP request, the browser won't transmit it, just use it internally to leap right position.