I am using Apache 2.2 with mod_rewrite.

It is possible to method to pressure mod_rewrite to rewrite the whole URL, including protocol? Yes, it will instantly rewrite the entire URL when the redirect consists of http:// at the start but I am attempting to redirect to some URL that utilizes a proprietary protocol: fcp://

After I add it in because the redirect it simply redirects towards the Link to my server using the rewrite appended like so:


Can One configure the module to deal with fcp:// like a full URL and so i don't run directly into this?

UPDATE: This is actually the code I'm using:

RewriteCond ${externals:$2|Unknown} !Unknown
RewriteRule ^(internal|external)/(.*)/? ${externals:$2} [R=301,NE,L,NS]

Within the externals RewriteMap, I've got a line such as this:

firstclass-email    	fcp://@mailstaff.example.com/

After I visit trigger the RewriteRule by visiting:


It'll improperly redirect me to here:


Basically alter the protocol part from fcp:// to http://, Apache will realize this is an absolute URL and work properly. I would like Apache to identify fcp:// ought to be absolute.

Apache are only able to handle the most typical URL schemes like http, https, ftp, mailto, etc. Custom URL schemes aren't acknowledged as such but handled like a URL path.

Begin to see the is_absolute_uri function within the source code of mod_rewrite.c for particulars on which schemes are supported.

Perhaps you have attempted this?

RewriteRule ^/yourUrl$ fcp://otherUrl [RL]