I've RewriteMap set up to make use of an exterior application for spinning the inbound URL. Is effective. My concern now's threads and gratifaction. It is possible to way to achieve the exterior application multiple request? We are utilizing a RewriteLock now, to ensure that just one thread at any given time transmits a request towards the exterior application, but this appears just like a performance bottleneck.

Any guidance could be appreciated. Thanks

I discovered this interesting dicussion by having an apache developper: http://www.webmasterworld.com/apache/3124928.htm

The bottleneck effect doesn't afraid them. In case your mapping program is fast it ought to be ok. You can maybe test if the bottleneck effect is available.

The lock can be used to avoid threaded demands to make use of the stdin of the prg in the same time frame. Appears hard to change the actual way it works.

I have not used rewriteMap by doing this, I favor using hash files by using it. Is the internal redirect dynamic? Otherwise you can make an hash file.