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.htaccess, Clean URL, unwanted 301 redirect, 1AND1

Mod_Rewrite is redirecting.

RewriteRule ^viewPage/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/$ /viewPage.php?ID=$1&Title=$2 [NC,L]

Typing into browser:


the browser loads the page not surprisingly however the URL continues to be 301 rerouted to:


I'm not going the page to redirect from www.domain/viewPage/123/abc/ to www.domain/viewPage.php?ID=123&Title=abc.

How do you get this work I've got a feeling this really is related to "301 Moved Permanently" status still in apache cache"?

Also, yet another note. Around the home laptop it's being employed as preferred but it's breaking around the 1and1 server.

Use chrome in incognito mode. That is what I am doing for such tests. Under Ubuntu 10.04 my launcher is:

/usr/bin/chromium-browser --start-maximized --incognito %U

So every time I quit Chrome things are erased. And it is everything in unlike Opera where some things like DNS caching is stored and 301's are strongly cached whether you are in private mode or otherwise.