• Let us say we now have two domain names world wide web.mydomain.com and world wide web.mydomain.co.united kingdom

  • Our primary website is on world wide web.mydomain.com

  • You will find there's separate hosting account, on a single server, for world wide web.mydomain.co.united kingdom - all of this does is come with an .htaccess file which redirects to mydomain.com

[CODE] RewriteEngine on RewriteCond % ^([^.:]+.)mydomain.co.united kingdom.?(:[-9])?$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://world wide web.mydomain.com/?referrer=mydomain.co.united kingdom [R=301,L] [/CODE]

  • We have setup your blog, on world wide web.mydomain.com/blog/

PROBLEM: We want the subdomain: http://blog.mydomain.co.united kingdom to toward http://world wide web.mydomain.com/blog/ because the "blog.mydomain.co.united kingdom" is much more popular (because it is available presently on the Google blog).

SOLUTION: We are able to either direct the "blog.mydomain.co.united kingdom" subdomain to "mydomain.co.united kingdom", and hang up .htaccess on that .co.united kingdom hosting account to redirect (301) to mydomain.com/blog/


we are able to direct the "blog.mydomain.co.united kingdom" subdomain to "mydomain.com" and hang in the .htaccess on that sire to redirect as above.

Just wondering what you will choose? Can there be any distinction between the above mentioned, when it comes to internet search engine optimisation? What is the 'better' method of doing the work?

Thank you, Isuru

You should not be having to pay for 2 accounts you could have multiple domain names pointing towards the same server space, and handle the rewrites there. The very best factor for Search engine optimization would be to pick one because the primary domain and stay with it this way you do not spread your internet hits across multiple domain names.

Neither of the solutions appear like completely the best answer. You are not necessarily using mod_rewrite for it's energy you are just doing redirects (not internal rewrites), because you always perform a 301, and also you always give a full URL (which suggests a redirect, not really a rewrite). There's you don't need to perform the two-stage redirect you describe. Just redirect from your blog.mydomain.co.united kingdom virtual host to mydomain.com/blog/, in a single step.