I wish to map numerous sites inside a URL:


to sites outdoors the net root.

My web root is


the manual I wish to redirect to is within


In mod_alias, this is comparable to

Alias /manual /www/customer/some_other_dir/manual

but when i connect simply to .htaccess, I can not use Alias, so I must use mod_rewrite.

Things I have at this time after this question may be the following:

RewriteRule ^manual(/(.*))?$ /www/htdocs/customername/manual/$2 [L]

this works meaning that demands are recognized and rerouted correctly, however i obtain a 404 that appears such as this (note the complete path):

The requested URL /www/htdocs/customername/manual/resourcename.htm 
was not found on this server.

However, I've checked with PHP: echo file_exists(...) which file certainly is available.

why would this be? Based on the mod_rewrite paperwork, you could do, even just in b .htaccess file. I realize that after doing mod_rewrite inshtaccess, you will see an automatic prefix, although not to absolute pathways, does it?

It should not be considered a privileges problem either: It isn't within the web root, but inside the FTP tree that just one user, the primary FTP account, has access.

I'm able to alter the web root within the user interface anytime, however i want this to operate generate an income referred to.

This really is hosting that is shared, and so i don't have any accessibility error logs.

I simply checked, this isn't a wrongful 301 redirection, just an interior rewrite.

AFAIK mod_rewrite works in the 'protocol' level (meaning around the wire HTTP). And So I suspect you are receiving HTTP 302 together with your directory path within the location.

So I am afraid you may be stuck unless of course.. your hosting allows you follow symbolic links so that you can connect to that location (presuming you've spend access or you could do using FTP or perhaps your user interface) beneath your current document root.

Edit: It really mentions URL-file phase hook in the docs now I suspect the directory directives aren't permitting enough permissions.

This informs you what you ought to know. The asked for URL /www/htdocs/customername/manual/resourcename.htm wasn't available on this server. It translates RewriteRule ^manual(/(.*))?$ /www/htdocs/customername/manual/$2 [L] to mean rewrite example.com/manual/ as though it were example.com/www/htdocs/customername/manual/.


 RewriteRule ^manual(/(.*))?$ /customername/manual/$2 [L]