I am using dicpp which is comparable to Guice. Now you ask , an over-all dependency injection question.

I've got a system where I've nLayers::nProcesorModules::nParameters::nProcessorModules...

High might be a variety of layers and each layer has a variety of processor modules, each processor module implementation has some quantity of parameters based on exactly what the implementation is (binding), and every of individuals parameters might have a variety of processors with parameters and so on.

Allows say I've two nProcessors utilizing the same implmentation-ProcessA, on a single layer separated by four other nProcessors. The implementation from the ProcessA takes takes many configurations for those its parameters and individuals configurations are saved within the database and therefore are specific to each one of the two demonstration of ProcessA.

How do you start storing a locating most of these configurations inside a dependency injection setup. I imagine it will have to create its very own table because the product is modular and also the number and kinds of configurations is definitely in flux, however i am a new comer to they and am getting just a little trouble focusing on how a completely modular system can communicate with a database within an dependency injection setup.

Any ideas?