I'm a new comer to Joomla, began learning it simply each day ago and did not find an response to my question within the paperwork (which suck real bad in comparison to Drupal).

What exactly I wish to do is override the entire module inside a template. The documentation only indicates I'm able to override the markup of the module by placing corresponding files within the html folder, but I must have corrections towards the actual logic. Is copying the module, altering after which setting up it as being another entity the only method to go? I am talking about it seems sensible that "template" folder is perfect for "sights" however with the type of application I must develop it's destined to be annoying...

Yeah, you are able to only override sights.

If you wish to override logic, you've 2 options:

  • Alter the actual logic in-place, which results in problems on upgrading etc
  • Duplicate the module and alter the logic, while you recommended

Yet another way to think about would be to replicate or fix the logic within the template. Although this is not really a very clever method of doing the work, it's faster, especially than copying an entire component.

Note that you could include your personal libraries towards the Joomla libraries folder to centralize your personal code.

Further, just try your code with (for instance) svn, you shouldn't have problems on upgrades with creating new sights that could include their very own logic.