I'm beginning an internet service which requires user signing in with Gmail/Facebook/Own or registering after which snacks being setup to ensure that the consumer will keep interacting using the server via periods. It is possible to readymade module available in both PhP/Node.js which could take proper care of these routine things that every website requires ? If the an amount be known as a middleware or framework do you know the popular middleware/framework for such routine things

The framework should take proper care of every aspect like storing user particulars in Database, send didn't remember password emails, user session management, user activity statistics, and so on..

With one of these taken proper care of by readymade modules/framework/middleware I'm able to focus on core functionality

Connect and express (which is dependant on connect) are popular node.js modules that provides web framework functionality. Connect has more lower level APIs whereas express include view engine and greater level abstraction. Both also support database (aside from memory) backed session storage.

Try RPX.