I’am beginning an individual web project. That We hope it develops fast. It is going to do lots of text card inserts and searches within this project. Therefore it appears MongoDB the best place. However there's not really a hosting of asp.internet and mongoDB. Also I don't want to expend lots of money, at the start.

And So I have the thought of contract https://mongohq.com/prices, that is free, this serves me for developing and testing of beta versions. And contract an ASP.Internet Hosting like GoDaddy or worthwhile hosting at a lower price tha 30USD per month. After I launch my website, obviously I'll change my plan of MongoHQ to some pay one. 180 day later when the visits are growing, and also the business it’s going good obviously i'll start having to pay good hosting cloud like RackSpace servers.

The only real factor I´m worry may be the latency between MongoHQ and also the asp.internet hosting. Do you consider this is an excellent idea? How do i test the latency between hostings? Are you able to produce any hint?


If you are using free hosts, then just plug everything in and give it a try. You are able to appraise the response time on the internet server side.