I am creating a webapp with MongoDB/PHP, and everything's going great... except one factor.

My database connection is flaky. After X period of time, after i refresh the page I recieve errors because queries are failing. I check mongod.exe and things i see is "Connection recognized from 127...1" - i quickly return, refresh again, and everything's running all fine and dandy.

What is leading to this? Database connectivity issues are something I never needed to cope with in MySQL - but that is an entire different animal.

I'd recommend you need to do your development with mongodb inside a unix atmosphere because they update the code probably the most frequently and also you will not need to bother about strange bugs. Sometime ago i made the decision that doing dev in home windows was way too bothersome and moved my work atmosphere to linux. If the sounds daunting, you may consider managing a virtual machine having a local mount via samba such that you could run on a linux server in your local machine. Then you'll come with an atmosphere much like your production env. Hope this really is useful.