we're presently creating a high traffic rails application with facebooker (facebook game). since amazon . com simpledb (aws-sdb) is actually slow, we are thinking about utilizing a devoted mongodb server as provided by mongoHQ for instance.


  1. what's the read/creates peak value for any mongodb server running on the amazon . com ec2 instance?
  2. what will be a suggested setup for any ec2 located application with mongodb - an expert on amazon . com EBS and replicas around the ec2 instances? any good examples or encounters?
  3. it is possible to company that provides mongodb hosting within the cloud?

thanks, mz

1) Your reads/card inserts/updates values will be different greatly with how big the EC2 instance you utilize. A sizable EC2 instance is capable of doing about 320,000 procedures per second. This is a breakdown of the items "procedures" meant for the reason that sense:

IIRC, it had been ~20,000 all of creates, removes, updates, card inserts, instructions, &lifier get mores and ~200,000 reads. I believe it would be a quite large data set, but I'll seek advice from Eliot tomorrow. -- Kristina Chodorow

2) MongoDB is single threaded and many EC2 instances have two or more Processor chips. To help you run two processes on a single machine. Auto-sharding appears to become working good enough in the present release to make use of inside a production atmosphere, but Replica sets aren't (these would handle replication &lifier automatic failover). So you can utilize auto-sharding with manual master-slave designs then replace master-slave config in This summer when Replica sets are from alpha.

3) MongoHQ, MongoMachine both offer located MongoDB.

MongoDB since 1.4 can effortlessly saturate a lot of cores. You no more have to begin a mongod per core.