I am establishing a cluster of servers for the organization I work on, and I am using Monit to watch that server processes are running and dealing because they should.

For Apache monitoring, I wanna make use of the mod_status feature that is described here. However, it has switched out very difficult. As regardless of how I configure both Monit and Apache, Monit just keeps confirming an association failure error (connection failed to [APACHESTATUS via TCP]).

I adopted the instructions around the Monit Wiki with little luck. The Apache status page ( page works in almost any browser I test drive it with. I have also attempted altering host the from to localhost with no luck.

I have examined this setup with Monit versions 4.8.x, 4.10 x, and 5.-beta6, all with similar result. Also, there isn't much helpful information on Google to assist either, since many answers are about more trivial and straightforward problems.

Shall We Be Held missing something? Or shall we be held simply stupid maybe?

Attempt to alter the authorization in Apache:

Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Check Apache access.log and error.log files - which type of error is reported ?