Let me generate test data for any web application we are developing. One approach I'm considering is when there's a method to monitor the database (we are using informix) after i add something via our web application and perform a batch of procedures, to ensure that I can tell what data are placed throughout the operation some time and thus can export these data as test data.

Any idea ?


You will find various options, with different levels of plausibility. One problem you'll need to bother about is removes versus updates versus card inserts monitoring card inserts is simple, removes hard.

  • CDC - Change Data Capture: this API enables you to definitely track the transformed data.
  • ER - Enterprise Replication: you can setup another server which tracks the alterations produced in the very first.
  • Log mining - removing data from backup copies from the logical logs.
  • Trigger-based change monitoring - creating triggers on tables of great interest to trace changes.
  • Audit-based change monitoring - does not range from the data which was transformed, so most likely least relevant.

Of those, CDC is most likely probably the most comprehensive and finest, however it has overhead to have it working (setup process - not runtime overhead the second isn't significant).

The trigger-based monitoring requires least intervention from developers and system managers it's tricky (instead of truly difficult) to setup. After you have a template for that first table, another tables follow methodically you need to simply script something to produce the right triggers for every table you have to track.