Very first time by using this service for any question. I really hope I'm not asking something which was already clarified. Cleaning it once a to locate an response to my question using the internet search engine however i was not able to.

My real question is the following:

Using php, javascript, or anything really, is it feasible that i can track how my customers are viewing the web pages on my small blog/website? Particularly, I wish to track time anyone's browser stays reading through specific parts of my content on a single page.

For instance, it might respond to questions for example: The length of time did someone spend reading through the summary of my article versus the final outcome? (situated on a single page)

Essentially, monitoring the "eyes" of the web customer by searching at in which the browser is presently scrolled lower the page too.

I apologize if i am a bit noob! Thank you for any assist with my problem you are able to provide in my experience! ^_^

It might technically be possible by searching in the scroll position (which you'll get with javascript) with time, however i think you discover the information is very hard to rely on and does not really correspond perfectly using what individuals are really doing.

For instance, after i open a brand new tab, it'll usually wallow in it within the new tab for a few minutes until I start really reading through it. I Quickly could easily get half-way lower and go and grab coffee. I Quickly finally get completely towards the bottom and close your window. That does not mean I spent additional time reading through the very best &lifier middle than Used to do reading through the underside, but that is what you will infer simply searching in the scroll position.

You may have the ability to improve information by searching at other occasions in addition to just reading through scroll position. For instance, should you only record the scroll position within the thirty seconds pre and post you identify a mousemove event, you'll be able to be confident that they are really "on" your page throughout that interval. But it is not going to be considered a perfect statistic.