I have been trying for 3 straight days without any luck to create the archives widget display the several weeks within their abbreviated form which are incorporated in locale.php To date I am lower for this bit of code in which the month names originate generally-template.php:

    if ( $arcresults ) {
        $afterafter = $after;
        foreach ( (array) $arcresults as $arcresult ) {
            $url = get_month_link( $arcresult->year, $arcresult->month );
            /* translators: 1: month name, 2: 4-digit year */
            $text = sprintf(__('%1$s %2$d'), $wp_locale->get_month($arcresult->month), $arcresult->year);
            if ( $show_post_count )
                $after = ' ('.$arcresult->posts.')' . $afterafter;
            $output .= get_archives_link($url, $text, $format, $before, $after);

Used to do get in exactly the same file in which the calendar widget originates the abbreviated several weeks. However with my limited understanding I've not had the opportunity to evolve it towards the archives:

if ( $previous ) {
    $calendar_output .= "\n\t\t".'<td colspan="3" id="prev"><a href="' . get_month_link($previous->year, $previous->month) . '" title="' . esc_attr( sprintf(__('View posts for %1$s %2$s'), $wp_locale->get_month($previous->month), date('Y', mktime(0, 0 , 0, $previous->month, 1, $previous->year)))) . '">&laquo; ' . $wp_locale->get_month_abbrev($wp_locale->get_month($previous->month)) . '</a></td>';
} else {
    $calendar_output .= "\n\t\t".'<td colspan="3" id="prev" class="pad">&nbsp;</td>';

Can anybody please produce some suggestions or assist me to make use of the get_month_abbrev function to operate within the archives?

Thanks ahead of time!

Ok. So a buddy assisted me crack this.

Get into general-template.php and


            $text = sprintf(__('%1$s %2$d'), $wp_locale->get_month($arcresult->month), $arcresult->year);


            $text = sprintf(__('%1$s %2$d'), $wp_locale->get_month_abbrev($wp_locale->get_month($arcresult->month)), $arcresult->year);

Thanks everybody.. Hope it will help more and more people available.