we've bought the "moo faq" component.. but it's no longer working form our side... we've installed the component because the component package includes the plug ins and also the module... we've designed a section and under that section we've designed a category.. under that same section and also the category we've made articles however the content of this article isn't showing.. we've designed a menu and linked it towards the category... the leading-finish link is just showing the "expand" and "Collapse" link although not showing this content of this article.. this is actually the link where one can begin to see the problem "http://www.musiclibrary.fi/en/for-now/faqtest".. you can observe this link underneath the "For the time being" link within the menu that will come after drenched in... the login particulars is Not==samitbose PW==samitbose2011 .. we're using joomla version 1.5.23 and MooFaq version is Please take a look about this point .. any assistance will be greatly appreciated.. thanks ahead of time...

Appears like you're still battling with this particular.

If that's the case, I'd look into the following: The FAQ category is released The FAQ question is released Recption menus links towards the same category that consists of the question The courseOrquery aren't any set to 'special' access level

My primary deliberation over reading through the question was that this is a clash with Mootools/jQuery or possibly Mootools within the component and also the Mootools upgrade wordpress plugin. I do not see anything within the page to suggest for this though.

If no above points you within the right direction - chase the designers, especially because this is a compensated extension.