I've been observed only today, that whenever i upgraded Mootools to at least one.25, if the user browsing with Google Chrome (i suppose also with Safari ) uses the Datepicker supplied with ChronoForms (may be the mootools datepicker library), the shape is auto-posted following the click the date, without pressing any submit button.

This isn't happening with Mootools 1.1, also it happens just with Chrome (and most likely other WebKit browsers).

However , the datepicker button is really a <Tab> element, and it is submit effect is not stopped enjoy it was with Mootools 1.1

I've this issue in most of my sites, you can observe a good example here:


I've found really strange that whenever 30 minutes of looking for Google I did not find other people with similar problem requesting assist in some board/groups..



when the submit/blur event isn't being stopped, look for new Event(event).stop(); or similar and replace event.stop() or preventDefault. event may be the var title, could be e or whatever. 1.2 normalised occasions w/o the special constructor of just one.11