I have heard that mootools is installed with Joomla and technology-not only from inside any extension you build without needing to include it again, is the fact that correct?

I have been learning some JQuery and that i desired to develop a module by using it however that mootools is incorporated i'd rather get it done by using it. It is possible to good tutorial on using mootools inside joomla modules?

Beware : Joomla, as much as 1.5.18 version, is Mootools 1.1.x based.

It's introduced that next 1.5.X version is going to be Moo 1.2 based.

Release due This summer 15th 2010.

Joomla Beta(x) 1.6 is Moo 1.2 based though.

Miracle to incorporate your JS script within joomla, whether it is module or component:

$doc =& JFactory::getDocument();