I've got a project on github having a git-page (madeinstefano.github.com/Abstradores-Site) having a CNAME file pointing the domain "www.abstradores.com" for this page. However I have another domain "www.abstradores.com.br", and that i want this domain redirecting for this git page too. How do i do that? The very first domain has already been working!

Both domain names take presctiption godaddy.com.


Domain title sending allows you instantly direct your domain name's site visitors to another website.

To be able to setup the sending from www.abstradores.com.br toward www.abstradores.com, you'd need to connect with GoDaddy's website and configure the redirection.

GoDaddy's "Forwarding or Masking Your Domain Name" help page should show you while setting this up.