Here's my situation.

I register (country specific) domain with Webhost Provider A simply because they allow ccTLD, while Webhost Provider B doesn't. I host my PHP files on Webhost Provider B at because I love them better (reliable, cheaper, proven etc...).

I wish to attain the following:

  1. When user types, they'll begin to see the items in
  2. When user visits aboutus.html, the browser must display, NOT
  3. The general public and search engines like google Cannot Be Conscious of the domain since it is a secret.
  4. Any solution offered mustn't adversely impact Search engine optimization

Will domain sending with hiding solve my problem? Any suggestions?

Additional Detail

Someone recommended I change nameserver information from to Another person counter contended that provider B will stop this because provider A is this is not on the network, which provider B may prohibit my take into account carrying this out. I'm confused...

You can write one PHP script that will get an URL from $_GET, downloads it and passes to user (including headers) - and more .htaccess Rewrite miracle to suggest everything to that particular script. This is one of the best way that's entirely transparent to both humans and bots.

you could attempt and identify bots and humans apart and also have diferent actions for that 2