Unsure if this ought to be on here or serverfault so apologies if I am wrong.

I simply moved my website in one folder to a different on my small server (what went down was, I had been doing an update, which did not quite work, and so i moved all of the old files back). Now my images on the website are damaged.

Does anybody know why this occurs? Or how you can repair it more to the point?

Any help/advice could be appreciated! Thanks

EDIT: Okay, apparently I have to make certain the code is put together, but completely lost regarding how to get this done..any ideas?

I am also on the home windows 2008 server, running IIS7. The applying is designed in C# .internet MVC.

It does not appears that you've a compilation problem because the aplication is working. I am talking about, if you're able to run the web site, but you're only missing the pictures, attempt to search for the pathways and appearance when the image files have been in there. To have an MVC (C#) application you will have the directory such as this:





┬┤root┬┤ is destined to be the first public folder around the WebServer

Hope it will help!

Make certain the pathways for your image files (and then any files for your matter) are in accordance with the main directory of the site. By doing this, should you ever move all the files relating for your site in one place to another, everything stays relative and absolutely nothing ought to be damaged.