I'm a new comer to cloud computing, so please bear beside me here. I've a current ASP.Internet application with SQL Server 2008 located on the Vps. Some tips about what it briefly does:

  1. The front-end accepts user's demands and adds these to a DB table
  2. A Home windows Service running without anyone's knowledge accumulates the request, processes it and sets a flag.
  3. The Home windows Services also produces personal files for that user to download.
  4. User downloads file

Let me move this web application using the plan to the cloud. The architecture I picture is the fact that I'll have 1 Web server by which I'll install the front-end and also the home windows service. I'll in addition have a cloud files server for file storage. The home windows service should in some way produce a file and transfer it towards the cloud file server (I suppose you could do?)

My questions:

  1. Does the architecture seem like I'm going within the right direction?
  2. I understand Amazon . com continues to be supplying cloud services for any very long time. If I wish to do minimal changes to my application, must i opt for Amazon . com, Rackspace, Azure as well as other provider?
  3. I realize which i wouldn't pay only for file storage and web server but in addition for the bandwidth of customers installing the file and also the home windows servic uploading the file towards the cloud server. Can One assume these pricing is minimal? Must I opt for VPS + Cloud Files combination to start with?

Every other ideas/suggestions?


The scenario you describe is not far from the main one we cover within this guide. You may also download the documents here.

The site ought to be fairly staright forwrad to maneuver. The important thing points to consider: - Authentication - Session management - Bandwidth use and latency factors (e.g. large ViewState, etc)

The Home windows Service must be refactored right into a "Worker". This really is covered within the guide above with increased detail for much the same reasons.

The guide includes full samples showing how to get it done.

Hope it will help Eugenio