I've just registered to a different webhost with similar primary domain title as these host. I downloaded the entire site via FTP as well as released the database in phpMyAdmin.

After altering the wordpress-config.php file to ensure that the database title, account information matched up the particulars for my new host, I submitted the files towards the public_html folder (same directory as around the old host) as well as imported the database.

Although I'm able to sign in, nothing has truly saved. I needed to set the theme again, no posts display etc. The details are all within the database, and so i do not understand what's gone wrong.

What is your opinion the issue might be?

  1. See if you have all of the files. Important files that may be missing are .htacces files: they're 'hidden' (that is what the . kinda states, plus some FTP programs just ignore them

  2. Check if you're really focusing on the right host. When the DNS is not pointing properly (it may differ between periods whether it is not propagated!), you are playing with 2 servers :)

How you referred to, everything should work. Also make certain you obvious your cache and snacks to ensure that the brand new server is recognized together with your install. Also make certain that the URL configurations haven't transformed within the general tab within the admin side.