i'm focusing on an enormous site for any client, however their current website (1000's of pages deep) is made on the legacy blogging service which was built particularly on their behalf in aspx. My job would be to take all the SQL tables full of data(comments, groups, posts, game titles, dates, etc) and convert these to a wordpress ready format. I wish to have the ability to reformat the tables which i have right into a format that wordpress can understand and process.

The tables are definately not a match from the given wordpress format. I'm searching in a major data migration and am searching for tools, assets, or people who might be of help. I'm a web design service with little knowledge about mySQL or databases. Can anybody point me inside a good direction here?

I'd be very surprised if there's some kind of tool that may help you migrate. This will in all probability boil lower to traditional fashioned SQL.

It may sound like you are attempting to perform a fundamental Extract/Transform/Load operation (ETL). I'd begin by reading through on that. The number of tables are you currently coping with here?

I'd also recommend making the Entity relationship model (database diagram) for the new and old database structures and make certain you realize what data will go where.

Unsure what wordpress reads, but searching to presenting the mysqldump function. this can save the SQL file and export it. Then just running simply change table instructions, you will get it ready.