So i've this practice blog which i now have to move to wordpress. I attempted while using import features in wordpress but that didnt act as planned. The custom blog is designed in php and it has a userscomments table, authors table, and posts table. Can there be a good way to maneuver each one of these posts to wordpress and preserve all of the comments per publish.

When the custom blog does not come with an export function which will dump its data right into a format WordPress can see, it might be that you will need to roll your personal. You will find 2 approaches:

  1. Perform a database-only import, using code or SQL tools together with information in the WordPress Codex entry on the WP database. This can most likely be quite simple from the coding perspective, but you need to make certain you understand it properly.
  2. Make use of the WordPress API to produce the posts in line with the output in the old system. This can involve a little more learning, but it is the proper way&trade to get it done, and implies that you discover the WordPress API as opposed to the database structure.

Basically used to do it myself, I'd choose option #2.