I have got an application presently running on the internet Application Engine that can take benefit of the close integration with Google Accounts towards the extent it was the only method customers would register. The sign-in process was this:

  1. User would click sign-in w/ Google Account link, which may you need to be the creation of `users.create_login_url()`
  2. User would sign-in on the internet-designed page.
  3. User could be signed-in

Now I am leaving Application Engine to some host with vanilla Django. Let me replicate that login process whenever possible, I suppose using OpenID (or OAuth? I am unsure). I am unsure just how to do this, though. Would I personally use Django's auth APIs and merely make use of the user's Google Account data to sign them in?

I have adopted the instructions here, and today have functional little demo where I recieve anyone's Google Account address. But that actually does not assist me to much.

Anybody have knowledge about this, or have a concept of how you might make this happen?

Because you can't make use of the Application Engine API to do this (and also you most likely don't wish to write this OpenID auth system on your own), you best take advantage of the django application to do this. Take a look at Django packages. Personally, i have good knowledge about django-socialregistration, though they offer Facebook/Twitter auth too. There also OpenID only packages available.