So regrettably I am a newbie towards the application (web) development world. As I did graduate having a CS degree its theory funness has not assisted out much. However am trying enter into ft first. My php application I build is just looking at an inexpensive host company. To be able to launch it Let me it to have the ability to scale well (fun buzz word).

However, when i stated I am completely new into it and that i suck at git.

In order I have read I am searching to host the mySql database and also the php files on phpfog, my css and pictures on amazon . com S3, and so the email server as Amazon . com SES?

Is the best mindset, and/or will this handle a flurry of (wished for) traffic?


That's lots of scaling in your mind just for beginning out. Make it simple. Google Applications Standard provides you with 10 accounts to utilize, and you will a pleasant GMail interface like a bonus.

Keep the hosting simple for the time being, you do not need Amazon . com S3 for CSS and pictures yet. Silver prices appears decent just for beginning out at PHPFog. Remember you could increase capacity afterwards.

Before you decide to say "flurry of traffic", make certain you've got a solid strategic business plan. How would you advertise your product/service? Who're your rivals? What distinguishes your productsOrsupport? Pretend like you are pitching this to some VC firm.

Without having a good plan to utilize, you are tossing money at infrastructure that you simply will not be utilising.

If you wish to find out about the technical facets of the infrastructure you are selecting, you most likely must start by researching how it operates. provides you with a pleasant overview how scaling creates AWS and also the cloud generally.